Pages for June

v3: Move to a new apartment in a wing of the Hôtel de Guer­mantes (1). Poetic dreams spurred by the name Guermantes dissipate (4). Françoise & friends at lunch downstairs (12). Jupien (14); his niece (16).  The name Guermantes, having shed its feudal connota­tions, now whispers a new mystery -- the Faubourg Saint-Germain (28). The Guermantes’s doormat: threshold of the Faubourg (31).
A gala evening at the Opéra (39). Berma in Phèdre once more (39, 49). The Prince of Saxony? (40). The Faubourg Saint-Ger­main in their boxes (44). The Princesse de Guermantes’s stage box: water-goddesses & bearded tritons (44).