Marcel Proust Reading Group at Barnes & Noble in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Goal:  Read at home 10 pages per week, English or French, any translation
<< the original 1922 Moncrieff, 

<< the brand-new 2004 Lydia Davis
the 1982 Kilmartin revision [silver] >>

of Swann's Way by Marcel Proust, first book in the grand masterpiece IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME (a/k/a REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS PAST).  

Online texts are also available:  let me know & I'll send you links.

GROUP: Once a week, 30 minutes, every Thursday, 6:15 pm - 6:45 pm, explore, explicate, examine those 10 pages.  Any & all variables can be modified after we've met a few times.  FIRST MEETING:  SEPTEMBER 3, 2009

BRAVO!  So far 5 fearless readers have volunteered to join me! You rock! 

Swann's Way often has 3 sections: 
    COMBRAY (sets the stage for everything to come, including the most famous cookie ever at about p. 45);
    SWANN IN LOVE (an obsessive love affair between two main characters;
    PLACE NAMES: THE NAME (an evocation of memory via the names of places)
    We'll start with the Overture/Combray, the most famous part.  
    HINT: It's easy to sleep through this book. I advise you to sit up in your chair & avoid bedtimes. Try reading aloud; there's a melody.