Giotto in week 6

Merci beaucoup encore to Proustiannes Mientje and Lynn for serving tea and madeleines (Mientje brought them straight from Paris!) at our last meeting. Everyone was transported....
Here are a few links to illustrations of the fresco in the Arena Chapel in Padua. Some duplication, but didn't know which would show up well on your screens. Double click the images to enlarge them.
Brill on whatamieating.com::Brill (Schopthalmus rhombus/Rhombus laevis) A flatfish lesser cousin of turbot with the same fine white nutritious firm flesh. It is fished in shallow waters of the North Atlantic and Mediterranean The top of the body is smooth grey or beige with small pearly markings The underside is creamy-white and it has small smooth scales. The bones are good for stock and it is itself often cooked off the bone. Can be used as a substitute for turbot.
Cardoon on whatamieating.com (Scolymus cardunculus/Cynara cardunculus). A white vegetable from southern Europe it is a member of the thistle family as is the globe artichoke. It resembles a large coarse head of celery and is similar to fennel and stalks are blanched in the same way that celery is. The stalks are flat long and wide with notched sides and a suede-like finish. They should be grated and peeled in the same way as celery and it is cooked in the same way In many parts of Europe they are likely to be served with ham in a white sauce or braised

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