Pages for November 2009

(Enright paging; yours may differ) 
Week 10
The kitchen-maid’s confinement (151). Aunt Léonie’s nightmare (152). Saturday lunches (154).The hawthorns on the altar in Combray church (155). M. Vinteuil (155). His “boyish-looking” daughter (157). Walks around Combray by moonlight (159).

Week 11
Aunt Léonie and Louis XIV (165).  M. Legrandin’s strange behavior (166-186).

Week 12 -- 11/19
Swann’s (or the Méséglise) way and the Guermantes way (188).  Swann’s Way. View over the plain (189).
The lilacs of Tansonville (190).   The hawthorn lane (193).  Apparition of Gilberte (197). The lady in white and the man in white “ducks” (Mme Swann and M. de Charlus) (199).

Week 13 -- 12/3

Dawn of love for Gilberte: glamour of the name “Swann” (202; cf. 586). Farewell to the hawthorns (204). Mlle Vinteuil’s friend comes to Montjouvain (206). M. Vinteuil’s sorrow (208). The rain (211). The porch of Saint-André-des-Champs, Françoise and Théodore (211). Death of Aunt Léonie; Françoise’s wild grief (215). Exultation in the solitude of autumn (218). Disharmony between our feelings and their habitual expression (218). “The same emotions do not float spring up simultaneously in everyone” (219). Stirrings of desire (219). The little closet smelling of orris-root (222; cf. 14).

Week 14 -- 12/10

Scene of sadism at Montjouvain (224).