Notes on week 12

 (PAGES KEY TO ENRIGHT; yours may differ). 
Curé's view from the bell-tower:

Swann’s (or the Méséglise) way and the Guermantes way (188).  View over the plain (189). 
The hawthorn lane (193).
    Apparition of Gilberte (197). 
    The lady in white and the man in white “ducks” (Mme Swann and M. de Charlus) (199).
    General Combray photos....
    This is really sort of fun. 
    Go to  Audio visit in French to the family home.  Then...
    This is a map of Illiers-Combray. Move your cursor off the map to make the AFFICHER menu disappear.
    • Click TOURISME.  Three little photos appear; Tante Léonie's house & Swann's garden
    • Click one of the photos. A box appears.
    • Click +infos. A detail page with audio controls appears.
    • Click Play (the green/white arrow) & despair that your accent isn't better.  When they say "aubépines" (oh-bay-peen), they're talking about the hawthorns.
    • At the end, go to the upper right corner of the detail page and click the red X circle to close down.
    You're back at the Combray map. Repeat for the other sites (photos).  You can zoom in for closer mapping or switch to satellite view.
    En effet c’est en 1970 que la ville d’Illiers associe le nom de Combray, en hommage à l’œuvre de Proust dans laquelle il évoque la ville sous le nom de Combray. C’est un fait rare en France que le nom d’une ville soit changé de par l’influence d’une œuvre.  
    It’s been since 1970 that the town of Illiers attached the name of Combray, in homage to Proust’s work in which he evoked the town under the name Combray.  It’s a rare occurrence in France that the name of a town is changed by the influence of such work.
    (Remember the curé and his knowledge of the history of town names!)