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We're starting part 2 of Swann's Way, Swann in Love.  This is set further back in time, a second-hand re-telling by the Narrator of what someone told him about Swann's life.  Think about who might have known this story well enough to pass it on.  Note:  If you want to read in French & English, try it here.

Week 16:  1/14
The Verdurins and their “little clan.”  The “faithful” (265).  Odette mentions Swann to the Verdurins (269). Swann and women (269). Swann’s first meeting with Odette: she is “not his type” (276). How he comes to fall in love with her (277).   (Note: Jeremy Irons is a lovely Swann!)

Week 17:  1/21
Dr. Cottard (281). The sonata in F sharp (290). The Beauvais settee (292). The little phrase (294). The Vinteuil of the sonata and the Vinteuil of Combray (302). 

Week 18:  1/28
Mme Verdurin finds Swann charming at first (303). But his “powerful friendships” make a bad impression on her (307). The little seamstress; Swann agrees to meet Odette only after dinner (307). Vinteuil’s little phrase, “the national anthem of their love” (308). Tea with Odette; her chrysanthemums (311). Faces of today and portraits of the past: Odette and Botticelli’s Zipporah (314).  

                 No meeting Thursday, February 11th.

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