Notes on Week 18: More art

Odette as Zipporah....Botticelli  "The Trials of Moses" (1481-82) Sistine Chapel, Rome
He [Swann] had always found a peculiar fascination in tracing in the paintings of the old masters not merely the general characteristics of the people whom he encountered in his daily life, but rather what seems least susceptible of generalization, the individual features of men and women whom he knew . . . in the colouring of a Ghirlandaio, the nose of M. de Palancy
  Cattleya orchids   

By the way, there's a lovely Proust site, all in Italian. Click here to see her Proust photographs. Isn't it wonderful to be connected to a worldwide literary appreciation?

Our Lady of Laghet (Odette's medal). Photos here.

 "... those interiors by Pieter de Hooch....   {Pieter de Hooch, also spelled "Hoogh" or "Hooghe", baptized December 20, 1629 – 1684) was a genre painter during the Dutch Golden Age. He was a contemporary of Dutch Master Jan Vermeer, with whom his work shared themes and style.}