Pages for March

 Week 22:  March 4
The little phrase (374). Swann’s jealousy: one night, dis­missed by Odette at midnight, he returns to her house and knocks at the wrong window (387).

 Week 23:  March 11
 Forcheville’s cowardly attack on Saniette, and Odette’s smile of complicity (393). Odette’s door remains closed to Swann one afternoon; her lying explana­tion (394). Signs of distress that accompany Odette’s lying (398).

 Week 24:  March 18
The Verdurins organize an excursion to Chatou without Swann (403/L294). His indignation with them (406/L296). Swann’s exclusion (410/L300). 

 Week 25:  March 25
 Should he go to Dreux or Pierrefonds to find Odette? (415/L303). Waiting through the night (419/L306). Peaceful evenings at Odette’s with Forcheville (424/L309). 

Week 26:  April 1   (1/2 year!)
Return of anguish--pain returns (426/311). The Bayreuth project (427/312). Love and death and the mystery of personality (438/320).