Interesting Random Links to the Man & the Novel

Paul Murray, author of Skippy Dies, is reading Proust.
Angel: What are you reading? Murray: I’m reading Within a Budding Grove. Proust.
Angel: Is In Search of Lost Time a book you’ve meant to read for a long time and finally got around to reading?  Murray: Well, actually I was pretty daunted by it, so I’d set it by for my retirement. But the book I’m working on now has a French narrator so I thought I should bone up on French culture. I’m reading it in English, but I thought that this was a key text and it is the key text. I’m realizing while I’m reading it that it is so influential. 
Angel: Which translation are you reading? Murray: I’m reading the Scott Moncrieff translation.  
Angel: How many hours a day do you devote to that? Murray: Nabokov wrote an essay about the first volume in which he says, “In Search of Lost Time makes up 4,000 pages which are about a month’s reading.” That’s Nabokov. It took me a month to read the first volume. The sentences are so convoluted you have to read almost every single one twice. The first time round you’re just looking for the verb, then you go back and work out what he’s talking about. So it’s slow going. And I’m reading other stuff, too. {....}


kirkmc said...

Can I share this link to an article I wrote about my experience reading and re-reading Proust?


RkC said...

Thanks, Kirk, quite enjoyed it!