New Volume Looms

We've come to volume 2 of In Search of Lost Time.  Within a Budding Grove contains 2 sections:  Part 1:  Madame Swann at Home and Part 2:  Place-Names: The Place.

Published in France in 1919 as À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs. Proust received the prestigious Prix Goncourt that year for this book. It had been scheduled for release in 1914, but the war delayed its release for five years.  

We're using the Enright revision of the Montcrieff / Kilmartin translation, which is excellent. The text in English is here;  the text in French is here and here (also a synopsis in French

  There was a new translation done as part of the new Penguin series, called In the Shadow of Young Girls in Bloom, which is closer to Proust's title, by James Grieve. Some people like it because it updates the English usage, but others felt it may have obscured some of the meaning. Here's the debate.

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