Notes from April

Monocles, lorgnettes, and antique spectacles. More than you could have imagined. Right here.
Painting of a footman sleeping: 1871, by Charles Bargue (French)  
Marquise de GALLARDON, née Courvoisier. Obsessed with Guermantes family; speaks with her cousin the Princesse des Laumes (Oriane); snide remarks about Swann’s Jewishness: 467-77
The “witty Guermantes set” as represented by the Princesse des Laumes.  Oriane, Duchesse de GUERMANTES (formerly Princess des Laumes; wife of Basin, her cousin). Marcel asks Legrandin if he knows her: 178. In Combray Church: 245-51. Friends with Swann: 383, 396. At Mme de Saint-Euverte’s, snubs Mme de Gallardon; speaks with Froberville & Swann: 470-88. 

Marquis de CAMBREMER: Married Legrandin’s sister: I 92, 174.
Marquise Renée de CAMBREMER (Legrandin’s sister; wife of the above). Lives near Balbec: I 92. Legrandin avoids giving Marcel’s family a letter of introduction to her: I 182-85. A Wagnerian, she despises Chopin: 472. The candle incident: 478. Admired by Froberville: 479. Swann & Oriane discuss her name: 485. Swann introduces her to Froberville: 488-89. Swann follows her to Combray: 541-42. 
LEGRANDIN (in Combray, engineer & man of letters; Mme de Cambremer’s brother). Character & appearance; tirades against nobility; flowery speech: I 92-93. Strange behavior to Marcel’s father: 166-67. His snobbery; his wink: 174-82. Lyrical descriptions of Balbec; refuses to introduce his sister, Mme de Cambremer: 182-86 (see also 547-48). 

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