October Notes

Louis-Philippe, Count of Paris (1838-94) [II, 127]
Faubourg Saint-Germain: fashionable Parisian district, where most of Swann's old friends were. [II, 124-25]

  • Dreyfus Affair (1894-1906): more to come [pp 122-23]
  • THE ALMANACH de GOTHA: Europe's Nobility Reference Book 
  • Madame de Marsantes (Countess) was the sister of Charlus and Basin (Duc de Guermantes); mother of Robert de Saint-Loup, niece of Mme de Villeparisis. She was the one person who disobeyed Lady Israels by being "at home" to Odette, until the day they arrived together. [p 124]
  • Swann's friend, Robert Philippe d’Orléans (1840–1910), was the Duc de Chartres and claimant to the throne. He was the Prince, but this confused Odette, who thought he was only a duke. [p. 125] 

Aisne: Department in northern France.  Odette thought the Guermantes family were from here. They were not. Another gaffe.  [p 125]