Notes for June (v II p 415-22)

Duc de Nemours
p 415:  | The Marquise mentions the Duc de Nemours carrying a package up to her father. He was really Prince Louis d'Orléans, 2nd son of future king, Louis-Philippe. 
| The "unfortunate" Duchesse de Praslin had been murdered in 1847, most likely by her husband Charles de Choiseul-Praslin, an event that indirectly affected the start of the 1848 Revolution. Read the sordid story here
p 416: | The Choiseul family of Champagne.
Louis the Fat
| Louis the Fat (Louis le Gros) = Louis VI, King of France, 1108-37.
| Louis de Loménie (French scholar & writer, Académicien, 1815–78).
| Louis-Mathieu Molé, 1781-1855, French statesman, 18th Prime Minister, Académicien.
| Ximénès Doudan, French writer, 1800-82.
| Joseph Joubert, 1754-1824, writer, see samples translated by Paul Auster.
|"...the materialist position appeared to be crumbling..." 

p 420 | Saumur=historic west/central French town that has military training schools.
| Doncières is in Lorraine in northeastern France.

| Monocles, old and new
p 422 | Carriage-and-pair  -->

p 425 | Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher, 1844-1900.

| Pierre-Joseph Proudhon,  French philosopher, 1809-65. 
| Comte de Marsantes = Saint-Loup’s father