Notes for July (v ii p 449-)

| M. first sees Charlus at Tansonville:  “Gilberte, come along; what are you doing?” called out in a piercing tone of authority a lady in white, whom I had not seen until that moment, while, a little way beyond her, a gentleman in a suit of linen ‘ducks,’ whom I did not know either, stared at me with eyes which seemed to be starting from his head; the little girl’s smile abruptly faded, and, seizing her trowel, she made off without turning to look again in my direction, with an air of obedience, inscrutable and sly."
 by Armand Guillaumin
p 450 |  "Possessing, by virtue of his descent from the Ducs de Nemours and Princes de Lamballe, documents, furniture, tapestries, portraits painted for his ancestors by Raphael, Velasquez, Boucher, ..."
Lebourg: Notre-Dame de Paris et la Seine 

| "a ‘modern style’ of decoration, employing Lebourg or Guillaumin."

|"she regarded Princes as enviable above all other men because they were able to have a Labruyère, a Fénelon as their tutors..."