The Guermantes Way: III p 180-198

p 180 | History of Telephones (wiki); in France, specifically
p 181 | Officer's cloth
p 182
| Battle of Austerlitz (Battle of the Three Emperors, 1805)
p 184
| Académie française; website
p 187
| Easter in Florence
p 189
| Street vendors under awnings
p 190 |
CLAUSTRATION: : the act of confining in or as if in a cloister
p 191 |
SEAGIRT: surrounded by the sea
p 192 | Giotto's "Envy" (with serpent)
p 193
| Re-post of Adam Gopnik's piece on Dreyfus in The New Yorker
p 194
| L'Intransigeant was founded in July 1880 by Henri Rochefort. The evening paper immediately established itself as a platform for radical ideas in support of national interests and against political moderates at home. The paper was, from the start, hostile to German interests.
p 198 | Institut de France is a French learned society, grouping five académies, the most famous of which is the Académie française.
p 198 | Pierre Paul Leroy-Beaulieu: French economist
p 198 | Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques