The Guermantes Way III p 343-53

p 345 Louis, Comte de VERMANDOIS (1667–83). His elder sister was Marie Anne de Bourbon. Both were legitimized children of Louis XIV & his mistress Mlle Louise de la Vallière. There were half-sisters as well, but none are named Mme de Saint-Ferréol, who seems to be a created character.

p 347 | Franconian KnightsRhinegrave: A German count whose hereditary lands are in the Rheingau area north of the Rhine river; Electoral Palitinate; Martin Luther (German religious reformer, 1483–1546); Louis the German (son of Louis I; grandson of Charlemagne, 804?–76); Charron motor-cars; 

Charron Limited
photo:Stefan Didam - Schmallenberg
p 347-9| Academy of Moral and Political Sciences (Looks like members of the Académie are French, but there are also foreign associate members.... which is what the Prince wanted to be. 
p 349 | Order of St. Andrew
p 351 | Kurgarten = spa garden;  Théâtre du Gymnase

Théâtre du Gymnase

p 352 | A silent bar
p 353 | Yellow Book, a quarterly literary periodical published in London (1894-97), associated by color with illicit French novels.