The Guermantes Way III p 537-551

p 539 | Paris in fog
p 539 | Jews used to cover their heads with ashes in times of mourning...
p 540 | Nietzsche cut himself off from Wagner's music.... More on Proust and Nietzsche

p 544 | Le Figaro: French daily newspaper.

p 544 | Steeples at Martinville

p 547 | Pillar of Fire that guided the Hebrews.
p 548 | Arabian roc
p 548 | Zola trial  and this Zola trial


p 549 | Melanie Louise Sophie Renouard de Bussiere, better known under her married name Countess Edmond de Pourtales (1836-1914), was one of the "queens of Paris" under the Second Empire. Marquise de Galliffet.
p 549 | Revolving doors

p 550 | Dignus est intrare. Latin for "He is worthy to enter." Also, this phrase is found in Molière's comedy-ballet Le Malade imaginaire.
p 551 | Rond-Point of the Avenue des Champs-Elysées