The Guermantes Way III p 626-629

p 627 | squaring the circle: which was proven impossible in 1882; the expression is often used as a metaphor for trying to do the impossible
p 627 | minced pork of Tours: perhaps referring to these rillettes; biscuits of Rheims, which are pink. <<==

p 628 | conical mitre of the Jews: the Jewish hat <<==
p 628 | Academic robe ==>>
p 628 | pharisaical = marked by hypocritical censorious self-righteousness
p 628 | aroma of carbolic acidPhenol — also known as carbolic acid - is an aromatic organic compound, once was widely used as an antiseptic, especially as carbolic soap, from the early 1900s to the 1970s.
p 628 | <<==  gown of scarlet satin faced with ermine, like that of a Doge...
p 629 | The Council of Ten (1310-1797), one of the major governing bodies of the Republic of Venice.
p 629 | Veto: from the Latin vetare, I forbid.
p 629 | Juro: While playing the hypochondriac Argan in his last play Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid), Molière, who suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis, was seized by a coughing fit & spat blood just before he was to speak the word Juro (I swear). He finished the performance and died a few hours later.
p 629 | Bar Council: Bar Association.
p 629 | Chargé d'affaires = diplomatic official who temporarily takes the place of an ambassador.
p 629 | Salon=The Salon or Salon de Paris, beginning in 1725, was the official art exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. From 1748-1890, it was the greatest annual or biannual art event in the Western world. In 1849, medals were introduced.