Sodom and Gomorrah IV pp 342-357

p 343 | Amphitryon: in Greek mythology, during Amphitryon’s absence, Alcmene became pregnant by Zeus, who, disguised as her husband, visited her; she became pregnant again by her real husband when he returned the next day. Of these unions were born twin boys -- Iphicles was the son of Amphitryon, Heracles the son of Zeus. 

p 345 | Cliff of Criquetot: Not sure if this is it, but it is on the coast of France. 

p 346 | Marcel spent part of autumn 1891 at this beautiful manor in Trouville, home of Arthur Baignères, uncle of his school friend Jacques Baignères. Les Frémonts was the model for La Raspelière, summer home of the Verdurins. Built in an L-shape and on a small cliff, the property looks out on the Channel, and on the other side, the Norman countryside (my translation).

 p 347 | Revue des deux mondes; still being published here and an English introduction is here.

p 353 | French flower girl.

p 347 | Paper by Gene M. Moore on the little train (downloadable), referencing names of towns on the line.

p 356 | Les Maximes, first published in 1665, are by François, Duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613-80). Here's one: "Self-love is the greatest of all flatterers." Here are some more, and here's the whole book.

p 357 | "But won't you, indolent traveler, rest your head/And dream your dreams upon my shoulder?": from a poem by Alfred de Vigny (Storrock)