Sodom and Gomorrah IV pp 492-514

p 492 | The Arrachepels were a noble family whose seat was near Illiers/ Combray. (Sturrock note)


p 493 | blazon=a correct description of armorial bearings. 

p 493 | La Fontaine wrote a fable called The Camel and the Floating Sticks.

p 493 | campanile= a tall tower with a bell in it.

p 494 | Molière’s word = cuckold (derived from the cuckoo bird, alluding to its habit of laying its eggs in other birds' nests.)

p 499 | tableau vivant: ("living picture"): a group of suitably costumed actors or models, carefully posed and often theatrically lit. Throughout the duration of the display, the people shown do not speak or move.

p 499 | Maréchal d'Huxelles: Nicolas Chalon du Blé, marquis d'Uxelles and Cormatin (1652–1730) was a French general and Foreign Minister. And a homosexual.

p 502 | peritonitis = Inflammation of the membrane lining the abdominal wall and covering the abdominal organs.

p 504 | In the 17th century, the Abbey of Port-Royal became the center of Jansenism, whose adherents believed the Augustinian doctrine that Grace was a free gift from God, not necessarily related to the virtue of those receiving it. (Sturrock note)

p 508 | double-six; David=King David=King of Spades

p 510 | à frigore spasms: Appelée "à frigore" car jadis on pensait que le froid était la cause de la maladie (called à frigore because formerly it was thought that cold caused the condition). May be what currently is known as Bell's palsy.

p 511 | Refers to a medieval legend, whereby Virgil having created a miraculous curative spa near Naples, the jealous doctors of Salerno set out in a boat to destroy it; the boat was destroyed in a storm, as retribution from divine Providence. (Sturrock note)

p 514 | End of the Verdurin party.