The Captive V pp 109-132

p 124 | François Boucher, "The Letter";
Honoré Fragonard "The Harpsichord"

p 124 | History of the Telephone ; Telephone exchanges; Switchboard operators

p 127 | "... angel musicians mounting to the throne of God..." maybe something like....

St John Altarpiece by Memling

detail of Mary, Queen of Heaven
by Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy

p 127 | black satin dress

p 130 | Le Bon Marché (tr. "the good market" or "the good deal") is a department store in Paris. Founded in 1852 by Aristide Boucicaut, it was the first modern department store.
Le Bon Marché


p 131 |  rest cures for neurotics...

p 132 | aerodrome; early aviation