The Fugitive V pp 695-712

p 706 | Châtellerault : a commune in the Vienne department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in France. It is located in the northeast of the former province Poitou (southwest of Paris).

p 707 | Loire River : France's longest river (171st in the world), 629 miles long, draining nearly 45, 200 square miles (more than a fifth of France's land area). It passes near Châtellerault.

p 710 | Painting of girl with her foot raised... Summer on the Beach (date unknown) by Paul-Gustave Fischer (Danish, 1860-1934). This is not the exact one, but an example.

p 711 | Leda and the Swan, drawing by Emmanuel Benner the Younger (French, 1836–1896)