Summarizing Proust

Proustians:  Thank you for coming tonight and making the evening quite special for me. After leaving you, I was so excited, I went to AIA, where there was a perfectly outstanding sunset in mauve reflected on the unmoving ocean, while the great white moon broke through the rain-soaked clouds to cast its shimmering light across the water and up the beach right onto my feet.  I put this sunset moment at the end of all other sunset moments I've had and photographed and, as I often do, judged it the best ever. 

Because I'd fallen asleep before the group, I'd had some caffeine assistance to perk up; I see now that it kicked in just when I needed to lay out the direction your reading could go. Sorry I was so one-track.... more than a little like Monty Python's hilarious Summarize Proust Competition  (text  here)!

I just set up http://readproust.blogspot.com/ == a/k/a "Reading Proust for Fun." You all got invitations to both post and comment. You could use it to save thoughts / sentences / ideas for discussion.  Or if you hate it, I'll close it down.

One thing I meant to mention.... the French title... A la recherche du temps perdu  literally translates into In Search of Lost Time (ISOLT), which was finally used in the Enright translation in 1998. Scott-Moncrieff chose Remembrance of Things Past (RTP), which is not exactly the same idea at all, but is a phrase taken from a sonnet by Shakespeare.  He also named all the other books using Shakespearean phrases, which Proust hated. The latest translations restore the original titles.

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