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Synopsis 1 SWANN’S WAY

(Enright paging; yours may differ)
Week 1
Awakenings (1). Bedrooms of the past, at Combray (4), at Tan­sonville (6), at Balbec (8; cf. II 333). Habit (8).  Bedtime at Combray (cf. 57). The magic lantern; Geneviève de Brabant (9).

Week 2
Family evenings (11). The little closet smelling of orris-root (14; cf. 222). The good-night kiss (15; cf. 29, 35-58). Visits from Swann (16); his father (17); his unsuspected social life (18). “Our social personality is a creation of other people’s thoughts” (23).

Week 3
Mme de Villeparisis’s house in Paris; “the tailor and his daughter” (25). Aunts Céline and Flora (27). Françoise’s code (38). Swann and I (40; cf. 419). My upbringing: “principles” of my grandmother (cf. 12, 13) and my mother; arbitrary behavior of my father (48).

Week 4
My grandmother’s presents; her ideas about books {i.e., “My dear,” she had said to Mamma, “I could not allow myself to give the child anything that was not well written.”} (52). A reading of Georges Sand (55).  Resurrection of Combray through involuntary memory. The madeleine dipped in a cup of tea (60).