Pages for February 2011

2/3:  Odette’s “winter-garden” (228): splendor of the chrysan­themums and poverty of the conversation: Mme Cottard (234); Mme Bontemps (234); her sassy niece Albertine (237); the Prince d’Agrigente (239);

2/10:  Mme Verdurin visits Mme Swann (239-42). Mmes Cottard & Bontemps, flowers, hats, invitations (242-50)

2/17:  Painful New Year’s Day (251). “Suicide of that self which loved Gilberte” (255). Clumsy interventions (256). Letters to Gilberte: “one speaks for oneself alone” (259). Odette’s drawing-room: retreat of the Far East & invasion of the 18th century (261-65).

2/24: New hair-styles and silhouettes (265; cf. I 278).  A sudden impulse interrupts the cure of detachment (271); Aunt Léonie’s Chinese vase (272). Two walkers in the Elysian twilight (273). Impossibility of happiness (274). The opposing forces of memory and imagination (276). Because of Gilberte, Marcel declines a dinner-party invitation where he would have met Albertine (277).