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Information on touring all the fun Proust sites in France.

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Julee Tanner said...

Hello, RkC,
I have a question not related to this post, but to your post from 12/24/2009, "Notes on Week 15," about the "Steeples of Martinville" passage. There is a landscape painting alongside the text beginning "at a bend in the road . . . ." This is a lovely landscape of a town (Caen?) with two steeples breaking through the horizon. Could you please tell me who painted this work? I have tried your link to the Ecclesiastical Proust Archive, but this no longer works.
I'm sorry to ask you to return to such an old post, but I am hoping to get a print of this painting, and possibly to use it in my soon-to-be art history blog.
I would greatly appreciate any information you might have on this painting!
Please contact me at juleetanner@gmail.com