The Guermantes Way: III p 319-28

p 320 | Cercle Artistique et Littéraire de la Rue Volney. One of the largest clubs in Paris. Wide membership but members must be voted in. Concerts & dramatic soirées were held there, often written by the members. From Dictionary of Paris by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1862.
p 320 | Traharne notes: Émile Ollivier (1825-1913), minister of justice under Napoleon III, a somewhat discredited figure after his support for war in 1870.
p 325 | Paty de Clam: in charge of the first Dreyfus inquiry, and one of the witnesses in the Zola trial.
p 326 | Cavaignac & Cuignet: Godefroy Cavaignac (1853-1905), war minister in 1898, continued to see Dreyfus as guilty and to oppose retrial, even after Cuignet, who was attached to his department in the War Ministry, had communicated Henry's forgery to him and Henry had been found guilty.
p 326 | Joseph Reinach (1856-1921) was a fervent supporter of rettrial and author of a monumental study of the Dreyfus Affair.
p 326 | in petto: "deep down": inter pocula: "in his cups", i.e., to a close circle of friends.
p 327 | Prince Henri d'Orléans: great-grandson of Louis-Philippe who publicly congratulated Esterhazy after his acquittal in February 1898.
p 327 | The Duc de Chartres was father of the Prince d'Orléans.
p 328 | Princesse Clémentine d'Orléans, daughter of Louis-Philippe and mother to Ferdinand de Bulgarie.