The Guermantes Way III p 703-10

p 704 | King of Spain:  Alfonso XIII, who reigned from 1886-1931.
p 705 | pabululm: bland, simplistic food or intellectual sustenance; sapid=flavorful.
p 705 | The Supreme War Council, founded 1917 in Versailles, was a central command created by British Prime Minister David Lloyd George to coordinate Allied military strategy during WWI. 
p 705 | French in Morocco

p 706 | a purple flower that smells bad.... maybe  Amorphophallus titanum known as the Titan Arum or Datura stramonium, known as Jimson weed or Devil's snare.
p 708 | Edmond Albius (Albins), and vanilla propagation
p 709 | Empire-style furniture 
p 709 | Montesquiou family
p 710 | furniture with a Wedgwood medallion
p 710 | Duc de Guastalla & the Princesse de Parme
p 710 | How Proust knows about Princesse Mathilde & the Duc d'Aumale; interesting write-up about her here on page 464 and following. Here is a painting of her salon. Here's the duke.